The Story Of That Girl

I sing you now a story, man:
the story of that girl.
Some man was a-walkin’ on a road, I say,
a pocket void of money and a hope and a pain.
He was a-comin’ from a distant star, you know,
thinkin’ of another world
I don’t know if they really know angels there
but here surely is the right place for that girl.

I still sing you that story, man,
that story of that girl.
We were walkin’ together on a road, you see,
no pocket full with money, but happy and strong and free.
We were comin’ from a distant star, you know,
dreamin’ of another world.
I don’t know if there they know how angels sing,
but here surely I heard that tune.

I love that girl since long, o man,
this beautiful other-worldly girl.
Some never leave their boring home, o man,
but we never had any to be caught in.
We simply saw what none could see, o yeah,
and that’s why we love and live.
I don’t know if you wanna be free
or stay in your unimportant earthly place.

I’m still into that story, man,
that story of that girl.
We are drivin’ now into another world:
man, you’ve no idea how many they are!
But earth can be a really groovy place
if some could reach out for the stars.
Man-world is so ugly it seems.
Star-world is better you might agree.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany