This Love

Is this the love that never ends
or is this the love that always tells
the same old story of disbelief,
the same old tale having no end?
Oh, Love!

I saw it in your eyes, I felt it in your days,
young with the morning, strong with Her embrace.
I touched it in your laughing and in your happy light,
I knew it in your dream:
Oh, my Delight.

Is this the road of true understanding,
the tale of seeking and of finding,
the river that flows through happiness
into the ocean of felicity –
is it This Love?

A shadow of anguish, the limits of years,
the walls of conventions, the sticking past,
the road to fulfillment, the open grave,
the minutes of yearning, oh my love,
is it true?

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany