Together We Are Strong – The Future Begins Now (by Mirakali)

The future begins now. Wake up and take the chance.
Wake up and be part of the team
that is ready to stand up and work together,
to do it better, to help each other.

Open the heart for warmth,
open the mind for brilliant ideas,
and more brilliant ideas to come
that help us out of climate catastrophes and wars.

There is hope as long as you live.
So don’t give up. Take care of your dreams.
Take care of your love.
Together we are strong.
The future begins now.

There’s a lot to do, a lot to be moved.
But together we can make it.
The earth needs our change of consciousness.
We must change from greed to the need of giving.
We must change from hate to love and understanding.
We must forgive instead of revenge and blood for blood.

We must help each other, because nobody can make it alone.
The future begins now.
The future are we,
are our children
and our dreams.

Millions of people living on earth.
There are heroes and poets,
dreamers and workers, artists and scientists,
cyberdrivers and musicians,
that understand that we can do it together.

Change your mind and change your heart.
Let in what is warm, gives happiness and don’t harm.
If we awake to one great family of humanity
where we care for each other like brothers and sisters,
like mothers and fathers and their children,
without any wars and greed and strife.

We can be strong together
and then the future will become a better place for all,
a better time than anything that was before.
Don’t drive towards the abyss.
Stop all destruction
and let us work together
for a better future for you and me.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany