Twitter Topics

Attacks on schools • Heavy snow •
Social problems and unemployment •
Traumatized kids and weirdo-fanatics •
Unstable, unhappy, no education, no jobs •

Media matters in times of tightening laws •
Extreme right-wing attacks on openness •
What kind of society? •
Terror probes • Be an investigator •

Radical ideas • Listen to phone warning •
In plain sight human trafficking is happening •
Fight for survival •
Every regime can be toppled •

A story goes everywhere •
Open market innovations •
Exposures are worth billions •
Hacktivists and freedom of information •

Hackers unite • Anonymous •
Stop using removable media •
The only way I know is up •
Efficient design separates winners from losers •

Arms trade • Drugs trade • Children trade •
Dehumanized communities • Hostage takin’ •
The hostage taker is depressed •
Arrest, suicide blast, troops are killed •

Everywhere is political turmoil •
The rule of law is weakening •
Let’s define where and how we live •
It’s a pioneering voyage of Twitter trends •

Technology topics: 25 billion tweets
and a 100 million Microbloggers •
Most popular trending: Hire and fire •
The topic is: Protesters are silenced •

Google Android • Online privacy tips •
Torture, killing and trading of organs •
There’s fuckin’ of everything that runs around •
Money talks, money swears •

For my children I will care!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany