Up To Date

Maybe I can be like you like milk in a bowl,
nobody hearing us, having silence somehow.
Up to date with a notebook in the corner.
I turn around, nothing to worry about.

Up to date the lines come out so easy.
There are rules. They are under my skin.
There’s a table in the corner. I wipe my mouth.
I finish a line. Now I can try. I‘m up to date somehow.

I act like this when the music is over, beat faded out.
Beat starts anew and ideas are crying out.
Have another half day and I just want to know.
Don‘t want to hurt anyone around me, though.

We are good to each other, we have a good future.
I can feel the world waiting for me and it‘s super.
And you can feel quiet for a long, long while.
And we are up to date and we don‘t say but smile.

You can feel free. You can feel naked.
We can escape from all the old answers
and it is easy to win all the rounds.
Your angel is up to date and so is mine.

I can feel the world’s open eyes
and I can feel your open eyes.
And it’s felt on white paper.
And it’s up to date when you listen and want to try.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany