Vikingfest with you. You will not go alone.
Vikingfest with songs of heroes and the crown.
Vikingfest that shines with glories of your mind.
Vikingfest with you and your powersign.
Vikingfest… with you…

Through the hall in golden armour come
immortals beaming with their suneyes strong.
You are the one from the inner dome.
You are the guide on the seas of delight.
Vikingfest… with you…

Vikingfest with you, bringin’ grace and honour.
Vikingfest with you, givin’ love and passion.
Vikingfest with you, enjoyin’ gods and thunder.
Vikingfest with you, fire and sensation.

Your royal garment spread on the floor.
Your heavenly breasts movin’ me to the core.
Your luminous curves tellin’ tales of beauty-birth.
Your starfield brows thrillin’ ‘neath your golden curls.
Vikingfest… Vikingfest with you…

Vikingfest with you and your golden morn.
Vikingfest with songs not fadin’ with dawn.
Vikingfest that shines with visions of your moods.
Vikingfest with you and my sword of truth.
Vikingfest… Vikingfest with you… with you… with you.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany