Vision Glasses For Better Seein’

Some look through sun glasses,
some through political glasses,
other through ordinary glasses
and there are indeed so many glasses:
I threw them all away.

Now I look with no glasses
and see with eyes of vision instead.
Now I see what simply is, what simply is
and don’t need any pretension:
Vision sees through all the real.

Some look through weird glasses,
some through plain glasses,
others through dark glasses
and they all have their special show:
None of them really knows.

I see with love and high intention,
I see with soul the one in all,
I see with strength the end of pain
and work and live for the good time:
Vision brings to all the right sign.

Some look through filters,
some through holes and
others look through patterns,
but they are all the same:
They are not true.

Some look through the T.V.,
some look through magazines
or through internet dreams,
but still they can not see:
Truth, my friend, has another feel.

Vision is the eye of our soul,
she knows the future and the goal,
she’s the guide for the journey
and of truth the loving friend:
Vision shows to all the better world.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany