Voice Of The Heart (by Mirakali)

I wake up in the morning
and look into your musing face.
Dreams of heaven I feel while I see you.

Then you wake up, touching deep my heart
and I dive deep into the dreams of your eyes.

You enchant my soul
with your smile.
Your name I hear in the wind that softly blows over hills.

Your name I hear in the creek
passing gently through the wood.

The birds chant of the glory of our love.
The flowers scent in the air,
the colors of joy on the meadows.

We walk side by side through Mirapuri
and reach the white temple in the mountains.
The willow bending in the wind.

Golden light floating over the landscape
like waves of love and tenderness.

I hold your hand and stand at your side.
You look at me and I see heaven and paradise.
There is the new world, oneness and beauty.

There is happiness and freedom.
We walked along the stream
towards a hidden place in the mountains.

The clouds like fairies
dancing in the sky,

like children playing the seeking and finding.
Every sunray tells of the new world.

Every flower whispers of its mysteries.
It’s calm and precious, profound and eternal.

I follow your soul into a new dimension.
We see the light, we feel the strength.
A moment and infinity.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany