We Want Work!

“We want work!” is the battle cry
all over the world, all over the sky.
So long as the world is run for the profit of a few
the cry will always be heard and be true.

The battle cry is singin’ along with you
and is showin’ what’s wrong and what to do,
and is singin’ the song of gettin’ together
and fixin’ the world for doin’ things better.

The profit grabbers are robbing you.
Fight and work hard against the mess of trouble surrounding you.
Your battle cry song is the weapon that makes you dare.
The right for work is the right of the people everywhere.

Speak your mind, your heart and soul.
Don’t get drowned in: “Everything goes!”
Your enemy is weakness that always says: “Don’t worry!
It’s good to go ragged, dirty and hungry!”

You want to work and I want to work.
We want to live the life we know we ought to.
We don’t want to be lonesome and empty and cruel,
miserable, starving, in debt and uncool.

Wall Street won’t do anything to cure you.
They laugh at you and tell you to live like dogs,
to live in scum holes, waiting and not thinking at all.
But the battle cry is there demanding work for all!

It rolls around in us like the seven seas.
It sings in all of us like the four winds
in slums and alleys and barren fields
and we march and we work until we win.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany