When You Waltz

When you waltz be the one for your lady,
when you waltz be the one of her heart.
When you waltz feel her bosom a-heavin’,
guide her strong, guide her sweet
and guide her to the stars.

When you waltz feel the dreams of tomorrow,
when you waltz see the good things that come.
When you waltz be the warmhearted lover,
for her alone you have come to this world, to this town.

And when the night fades away with the morning,
and the rays of the sun make her a-glowing,
and her hair is smooth, her lips a-smiling,
and her eyes are bright with light:

Then you know it is love that is smiling,
then you know she’s the sun of your morn,
then you know that for you she is livin’,
then you know, yes, you know: You are the one.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany