Who Is There (by Mirakali)

I look to the mountain, I look to the sea.
The world within meets the sky and wind.

The light of the inner sun shines into the world outside,
warm is the hand that touches you when you need it most.

I look to the mountain, look to the sea
and they look at me like friends that meet.

Where is the morning, where is hope?
Where are the times careless without night?

Cold the days, grey and hard.
There are no news,
only nightmares are there in the streets of the world.

Weeping is my heart, longing my soul.
Within the tears are burning.

Is it the end or is there salvation?
Is it the end or is there a living soul?

Is it the end or is another morn a-coming?
And always we stand up and always we fight further,
and always we don’t give up,
and always we hold high our hope,

and always is there faith,
and always is there love,
and always a silent voice whispering:

“Don’t give up. Move on.
Walk along the road and you will reach the goal.”

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany