Wild Kiss (by David Butterfield)

I’m standing somewhere
a road had been built,
singing while standing
I’m starting again.
My voice for a time
shall blend with the sky,
with colors and feelings
from my home.
The shore of the ocean lies still ahead.
Possible seems what impossible was.
Roaming on with laughter,
moments of tears.
Never ending the dawn I look for.

The distance between
the worlds and the words
we cross with a jump
or don’t cross at all.
The minutes we stay
and don’t run away
mean crossing the river
to be at your side.
Fears and signs crowding the scene.
You rise and you fall by your own choice.
Time won’t tell the real story there is.
Time is only echo of life’s wild kiss.

Minutes we yearn, we hope and try,
look to the sun, watching the fire.
The world all around knew of no doubt,
is moving in river, leaf and cloud.
There at the crossroad we will meet.
All will be near, what now is far.
Dreams will arise from their sleep
looking out for Life’s wild kiss.

Lyrics & Music: David Butterfield administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany