Winterworld of silence. Winterworld of storm. We think and we discover.
We dream and we move on. This world is our planet. To whom does it
belong? Winterworld of light and the lovechant bright.

Winterworld of nature. Warmth of our home. Winterworld and deserts. Heat
and a snow-white dome. There’s a movement in your body, winterwarm.

Your city is the capital of a world to come. The place in whom the august
affection finds its home. Moving lines are basic, creatin’ Yin and Yang. We
can change into each other, our love is deep and strong.

Winterworld of parks pierced by fourteen gates. Winterworld of incense and
the inner place. There’s a movement in your soul like a wintertale.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany