Wonder Planet

For you the Wonder Planet, yes indeed!
The deep-blue Wonder Planet to be free!
We live on a Wonder Planet, yes we do!
I love the Wonder Planet, that’s the truth!

Sexy-sweet its honey treat,
juicy-sweet the easy feel.
Naked is its wonder dream,
exciting the passion scream.

There it is satisfyin‘.
There it is timeless flyin‘.
There it is evolvin‘.
Orgiastic is the Super-Feel!

For me the Wonder Planet, it‘s for real!
The sweetest Wonder Planet for the feel!
I drive you on the Wonder Planet, set you free!
I ride you on the Wonder Planet, make you see!

Sexy-sweet our honey kiss.
There’s nothin‘ we would like to miss.
We do it with the easy bliss.
We feel it as it is.

With you it’s planet-dancin‘.
With you it’s creamy cummin‘.
With you it‘s always growin’.
Good lovin’ is what we always do.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany