Wonderin’ ’bout Your Beauty

I like to see your face of beauty
and like to be guided by your grace.
It is more than seeing and more than feeling
to be near the living wonder that is your living You.

You are just one person among so many,
so many millions upon the earth.
You are just one life of the many lives
that have been in the past
and will be even more in all the time to come.

You are just that one flower
in God’s infinity garden,
yet you are a light for me
filling all myself with joy and wonder.

I sit just now in the courtyard
with the many pebbles on the ground.
The roses white are there
and the children laughing.

You do some work or paint a picture
and I realize that in your many ways and actions
I’m living too although I just sit here
sometimes following the sun,
sometimes watching the dog
musing in the warmth of the day
and sometimes just forgetting
that there has ever been a pain gnawing at my heart.

O yes, it is good sometimes
to reach the goal and rest a little while.
It feels good indeed to find a home
and see the fruits on many trees.

Then there is just a timeless smile
and the Lord is all that is;
there are birds singing and telling things
that have never been heard before:
and there is a sigh and a great relief
as I’m wonderin‘ ‘bout your beauty.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany