World Future

Deep-brain worries exploding. Strength conquers death and sorrow.
Strength of love, strength that saves, strength of world-future great.

Inner action and outer creation: they are love and freedom in the making,
are steps to satisfaction, passion of world-future great.

The inner warrior and his mate, the muse of power and of faith,
behold the secret of the game, the fortune of world-future great.

Earth, sun, sky and water obey the call of the great wonder.
Food they are and matter‘s riches, energy for world-future great.

The glorious hero within is the immortal soulworld king,
guardian of time and life, fire of world-future bright.

What once was there on our earth came to open the cosmic gate
to the starworld of tomorrow, to the space age future wide.

There‘s a level of love so strong no one can conquer or command
who is coward and fool in his heart and not a child of the future star.

The future star is our earth. The future we must bring to birth.
Sun-children we will bring to life, the joy of new world-paradise.

The good women will be there, our home a happy universe of
givin‘ and takin‘ in harmony, a fest of world-future real.

The harvest will be golden, blissful the enchanting bride.
The king, a mighty hero, brings victory of world-truth and light.

Water, earth and air and fire unite to be the seed of conscious birth,
the atomic universe, the new dimension planet.

A new race shall be born, a new consciousness descend.
Love and freedom take the lead, they are future world‘s keys.

The keys they are of eternity to the secrets deep within
of liberty of change into the world future man.

Greatness comes through courage, courage comes through love.
Nothing is impossible. All is future in your heart.

Lyrics & Music by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany