World Spirit

From stupidity to intelligence, from the jungle to the crown, from the bottom to the top: World Spirit knows the why and how.

From the beginner to the winner, from the no one to the king, from poverty to riches: World Spirit shows the way.

From believing to achieving, from seeing to becoming, from becoming to loving: World Spirit burns the way.

Fullblooded is my being, fullblooded is my living, fullblooded is my spirit: World Spirit is my way.

Free is my intelligence, humble and great. Free is my intelligence: World Spirit is my mate.

We don’t have to fear, at the end is the sun, into the open we will come: World Spirit is the One.

All power of the earth is in your nerves, all power of nature in your blood. No enemy there is that can’t be stopped: World Spirit is power of God.
Compassion rules and tenderness like the child on the mother’s breast. Calm is the will, true and deep of the World Spirit within Thee.

Cruelty is weakness, forgiveness is strong. Rich and creative is the World Spirit’s song.

Humanity leads to peace and unity to strength. Leaders are idiots when this they do not comprehend:

That the living celebration of humanity is love and peace released through World Spirit’s mighty victory.

Wide is the vision of unity, the World Spirit is a-givin’ us the key …

Lyrics & Music by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany