Yes Or No Blues

Tell me girl: Are you ‘Yes’ or ‘No’,
or have you found the middle?
Tell me girl: Are you unbound
or do you move in circles?
It’s your mind. It’s your heart.
It’s the whisper. It’s the star.

Tell me girl: When I saw you there,
was it you or was it a shade?
Tell me girl: Do you know ’bout war,
or do you know more?
It’s the world. It is strange.
It’s old and it’s lame.

Tell me girl: Are you here or there,
or are you just on holiday?
Tell me girl: Can we really say
there is something that will always stay?
It’s the bomb. It’s the tomb.
It’s the fun. It’s the one.

Tell me girl: Are you true, are you real,
or do you have something of the all-out kill?
Tell me girl: Are you cool, are you free
when you are doin’ it with me?
It’s your hand. It’s my thing.
It’s your body. It’s my dream.

Tell me girl: Are you ‘Yes’ or ‘No’,
or are you tryin’ your fantasy show?
Tell me girl: Is it the whirlin’ wheel,
or is it a door and you are the key?
It’s your way. Touch of the ray.
Word to say. Reason to stay.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany