Michel Montecrossa

The golden voice and artist of peace, power, love and happiness

Michel Montecrossa about his New-Topical-Song-Movement

Michel Montecrossa - New Topical Song Movement

“My New-Topical-Song-Movement is there to bring to the people the songs that inspire and to bring them fast. To make CDs and DVDs, songbooks, programs, songsheets, concerts.
To distribute the songs globally via internet, shops, radio & TV and get the messages discussed and cited in newspapers, magazines, talk shows, social networks and gatherings.
The New-Topical-Songs are songs for the people and a world where we all vote, eat, work, talk, plan, think and love together so that your people will know my people and we don’t lose the peace and the world along with it.”
– Michel Montecrossa

Michel Montecrossa is an attentive observer of reality and misses no opportunity to let his songs voice the painful problems that disturb the well-being of our planet.
– Gianni Mongrandi in the E-Zine ‘Daring To Do’
Starnberger Merkur - 18.9.2015
Singing for Love and Peace

The artist Michel Montecrossa aims to improve the world with his music and paintings

Improving the world – isn’t this the goal of all of us? That is what Michel Montecrossa from Gauting is aiming at. He paints, makes movies, and creates songs that he hopes will touch people in a positive way. “This is something that we all need, especially now in these times of the refugee crisis.” Tonight he presents his new album with the title ‘Ich Bin Der Typ / I’m The One’ at the Garage Deluxe in Munich. Tomorrow and on Sunday, 20th September he will play concerts at his location ‘Michel Montecrossa Rock Vision Diner’ at the Danziger Str. 1 in Gauting. All who want to rock out after visiting the Oktoberfest on Saturday are welcome, the concert starts at 10 pm. The Concert on Sunday will begin at 8 pm.
Michel Montecrossa has an eye-catching look: long hair, red beard, Cowboy Hat, leather outfit. Michel Montecrossa definitely defies categorization. Beaming with energy he invented the music style of ‘Cyber-Schlager’. “A completely new music genre”, states his manager Suzie Peuker. Listening to this music style the Cyberschlager Songs could be described as Typical Songwriter songs with lots of guitars combined with electronic beats: a mix of catchy tunes, good for easy-listening. A prominent feature of this new album are the bilingual songs, half part in German, the other in English – ‘.. a quality that is quite useful in the international context as for example for students of German lessons in countries like China’, states Michel Montecrossa who counts on a great fanbase in the internet as he relates. ‘I want to get across this German kind of life-experience and feeling as something positive.’ It has nothing to do with Kitsch. ‘When I’m able to create real positive feelings with my music, then everybody can profit from it.’ It’s a way to achieve peace and love for the whole world. Michel Montecrossa lives in Gauting as well as in Italy, in the Northern part of the Lake Maggiore region. He’s also active as multimedia service provider and concert manager.


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La Stampa 12-03-2015

An interview with Michel Montecrossa by Gianni Mongrandi (Verbano News)

Gianni Mongrandi: What is music for you and what are your music plans for the new year?
Michel Montecrossa: Music for me is the expression of the way of love, peace and happiness. They are my music plan for the new year.

Gianni Mongrandi: Do you like this world? And if you had the possibility to change it, what would be the thing you’d change first?
Michel Montecrossa: I love the world and my first and foremost commitment is to help achieve the building of the United States of Planet Earth.”

Gianni Mongrandi: ‘Peace’ always seems to be the word unknown. How is it possible to activate – from your point of view – the mutual consent of all governments of the Earth to lay down their weapons and to no longer kill each other?
Michel Montecrossa: If all governments make the United States of Planet Earth their common goal, the weapons will be laid down and constructive collaboration in peace and unity will gain the upper hand.”

Gianni Mongrandi: What could you say to make the world understand that what people need is something to eat and not lead made into bullets?
Michel Montecrossa: Love brings peace assuring food, water, empathy and future for all. So let us all give ourselves to love.”

Gianni Mongrandi: How do you feel with yourself?
Michel Montecrossa: Happy and full of hope.”

Gianni Mongrandi: Do you sing, write and perform to make money or because you see all this simply as the thing you should do?
Michel Montecrossa: I sing, write and perform to give joy of love, peace and happiness. This is my aim.”

Gianni Mongrandi: You live since a long time in Italy. Do you think that this country will succeed in overcoming the difficulties it confronts these days?
Michel Montecrossa: Italy like any other country should work for the building of the United States of Planet Earth. Then all these problems would be solved.”

Gianni Mongrandi: Your songs also convey a message of love and peace?
Michel Montecrossa: All my songs are various ways to express the message of love and peace.”

Gianni Mongrandi: What are you better at: writing poems, composing songs or creating paintings?
Michel Montecrossa: Poetry, music and painting are for me three equally important streams of expression and I am equally successful in all of them.”

Gianni Mongrandi: What would be the moment – assuming it would ever arrive – we were to proclaim that evil has triumphed over good?
Michel Montecrossa: Love is the Good. All comes from love, it is to love that all will lead. Consequently the evil will never win.”

Parallel to the great work of Michel Montecrossa in the field of New-Topical, Cyberrock, Dance and Symphonic music, movies and books you can see and experience a growing collection of his new paintings & drawings at the Saatchi Art website which further expand and complement his New-Topical avant-garde style of expression. In addition to seeing the paintings & drawings there, you also can read unique and stimulating descriptions of each painting or drawing written by Michel Montecrossa. A further bonus is that you can buy affordable quality art prints of all Michel Montecrossa paintings & drawings exhibited at the Saatchi Art website: www.saatchiart.com/michelmontecrossa

For the complete catalogue of Michel Montecrossa paintings & drawings and purchase of high value and big size art prints as well as originals click here to the New Art Gallery.

For books, movie DVDs and Audio-CDs go to www.Mirapuri-Shop.de

Italian ‘La Stampa’ article about the Michel & Bob Dylan Fest of Michel Montecrossa at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2014 in Mirapuri, Italy:

30.07.2014 - La Stampa
Michel Montecrossa raddoppia: mostra d’arte e concertoMichel Montecrossa raddoppia: mostra d’arte e concerto

Il primo maggio a Mirapuri-Coiromonte (NO) nella New Art Gallery di via Monte Falo 8, si potranno ammirare le opere e le canzoni dell’artista

La mostra d’arte primaverile-estiva ‘INTENSITY’ di nuovi disegni e dipinti di Michel Montecrossa esposta nella Mirapuri New Art Gallery (presso l’Omnidiet Resort and Business Hotel ,Via Monte Falo 8, 28011 Mirapuri-Coiromonte, prov. di Novara) è stata aperta nel mese di aprile e resterà aperta fino al 24 ottobre 1945.

La mostra presenta nuovi lavori – come i dipinti ‘Call Of The Festival’, ‘Madonna Of Love And Work’ e ‘Selfportrait As A Landscape’ – di grande profondità, visione ed un forte impatto emotivo, realizzati da Michel Montecrossa. Inoltre l’artista si esibirà con il suo gruppo The Chosen Few al 1 Maggio 2014 presso durante la mostra. Il concerto intitolato ‘The Road Of Love & Sweetness’ Concert prevede musica acustica & pezzi Cyberrock e Dance-Elettronica da Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali ed Diana Antara. S’inizia alle 22:00 e l’ingresso è gratuito. Vi è la possibilità di cenare (vegetariano e non-vegetariano).

“Per me, come artista, mi sento di essere in un viaggio d’avventura nel futuro – ha detto di se Michel Montecrossa -. Lo scopo della mia vita è una perfezione sempre crescente della coscienza. Seguo questa strada dal periodo della prima giovinezza ed aspiro all’ideale di uguale maestria nei campi dell’arte, della musica, della letteratura, dell’arte cinematografica, dell’arte di suonare dal vivo, e dall’impegno sociale- spirituale. Da sempre ho avuto e ho grandi maestri per raggiungere l’obiettivo di questa perfezione ed amo condividere con tutto il mondo i risultati del mio lavoro inteso come stimolo che dà coraggio, speranza, libertà e fiducia nella verità del suo medesimo destino unico.”

Tutti i dipinti e disegni di Michel Montecrossa sono disponibili sotto forma di una stampa artistica digitale in alta risoluzione su tela in formato originale del dipinto o disegno.

Orari d’apertura: La mostra è aperta quotidianamente dalle 15:00 alle 19:00, e resterà fino al 24 ottobre 2014


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Interview by Itaque.gr with Michel Montecrossa about his life, art and work.
Click here for complete interview text

Boston Marathon Learnings – an Interview with Michel Montecrossa by Dirk Terpstra from Super Souls
Soul Love - Sharing Kindness, Love & Gratitude


Apropos Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song Movie ‘Talking World War & Good Israeli Foreign Policy’:
Many thanks for your thoughtful contributions to our ‘Israel/Gaza conflict: Your Stories’ assignment.  Some of you were featured on air or in stories online and we want to take the opportunity to thank you for reaching out and taking the time to tell us your experiences at what must have been a very difficult time.
Best regards,
Sarah Brown
CNN iReport – London bureau

As a founder member of Canal 6 and an active participant of the student movement in Chile, I wanted to say thanks for letting us know about this song (Talking Camila Vallejo Warning) and the message of support it has. We have already linked the video to our website: http://www.canal6.cl/
On behalf of the Chilean students I want to thank Michel Montecrossa for his inspiring music and words. All messages of support we have received from different parts of the world have been fundamental in our struggle.
With revolutionary greetings,
Javier Sandoval G.