I Have A Vision – My Christmas Wishes

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‘I Have A Vision – My Christmas Wishes’ released by Mira Sound Germany presents 18 straightforward acoustic songs by Michel Montecrossa expressing the spirit of our time with the clear-sighted mind and the warm heart of an independent and freedom loving man. The 18 tracks include the title song ‘I Have a Vision’ which Michel Montecrossa dedicated to Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama and deeply thoughtful and encouraging songs like ‘I Am There’, ‘I’m Lovin’ You’, ‘Simple Time’, ‘Optimist’, ‘I’m You’, ‘Clean Shaven’, ‘The Road Ahead’, ‘One World Nations’ and ‘Something in the Mind #2’. A booklet with all 18 songlyrics comes together with the CD.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“I have a vision of the United States of Planet Earth.”

The Songs:

  1. I Have A Vision
  2. I Am There
  3. I’m Lovin’ You
  4. Simple Time
  5. Optimist
  6. I’m You
  7. Clean Shaven
  8. The Road Ahead
  9. Something That Counts
  10. One World Nations
  11. Rainbow & Valhalla Blues
  12. Something In The Mind #2
  13. I’m On My New Way
  14. Here I Am Again
  15. Givin’ And Takin’
  16. Givin’ Is The Power Of Happiness
  17. Open Your Eyes Blues
  18. Hunt For Truth


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