The Road Ahead

Say something human. Life must run the music.
Throw yourself into experience. Large vision and
universality. Prophetic voice of new ways.
‘Do I have to use words when I speak to you?’
The strong current of change pounding at your door.
No party or movement can give the answer.
Celebrate humanity through life, love and song
and struggle and renewal through a young viewpoint.
Human relationship and climate change:
Impressionistic and surreal.
There’s a feeling in the air. Want your rights.
Write like a flood tide. Make all wonder:
‘What makes this man tick?’
Win global publicity. Be the hero.
Is there someone who can save the world?
Coded subliminal messages.
Dig the new rebellious generation.
Change is stable. Voice of the future.
Spokesman and star. Not just complaints
’bout the past and the present.
Youthful, exuberant and unruly.
Churning up the listeners with hope and glory.
Well-thought-out, effective lyrics. Passion.
Never heard such singin’ or such songs.
More than just the topical movement.
A class all by himself.
Comin’ out with the call for action.
Not for outdated people
ready for the junk pile of history.
New goals replace the old ones.
Think in human terms, not in slogans.
Get poetry to the people
and music in tune with what is happening.
Mass media poet, saying what people feel.
Song is the ideal U.F.O. for poetry
in a scared and raped world, goin’
where things spell freedom.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany