Child of Tomorrow Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert

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‘Child Of Tomorrow’ is Michel Montecrossa’s thirteenth cyberrock & slam poetry concert which he and his band performed during the Mirapuri World Peace Festival 2008.
It is another step and a new level of his ‘Peace & Climate Change Concert Tour’ released by Mira Sound Germany as Double Audio-CD and double DVD presenting 29 grandiose Michel Montecrossa songs that hit the essence including the title song ‘Child Of Tomorrow’ and stunning awareness songs like ‘Acts’, ‘What Counts In The End’, ‘Love Is Life’, ‘Kommt Wieder Ihr Menschen’, ‘Weltfrieden’, ‘The Great Origin’, ‘Child Of Our Days’ and ‘Song From The Home Of Love’.
Mirakali contributes message songs like ‘One With The World’ and ‘Newborn Earth’.

About ‘Child Of Tomorrow’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“Who is the child of tomorrow? Is it the one that comes with the sense of unity, peace, love and joy ending all bloodshed and bitter misunderstanding?
The child of tomorrow is first born in us who already live. Are we living unity, peace, love and joy?
Think straight and you know the answer of the future.”

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. Child Of Tomorrow
  2. Going To Build A City #2
  3. Acts #2
  4. What Counts In The End #2
  5. Love Is Life #2
  6. Kommt Wieder Ihr Menschen
  7. Weltfrieden
  8. The Great Origin
  9. Peace And Love Song (Love Is The Answer)
  10. One With The World
  11. Water Is Life
  12. Newborn Earth
  13. Child Of Our Days #2
  14. Sora Ni Mitu – Seeing The Sky
  15. Punk Kid #2
  16. Sun And Earth

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Climate Generation
  2. Blue Star
  3. Light Energy
  4. World Of Peace
  5. World Energy
  6. Northern Lights
  7. Solar Evolution & Suntomorrow
  8. Unending Love
  9. Song From The Home Of Love
  10. Inside Your Heart
  11. Save The Climate
  12. Sunlight Dream
  13. Peace And Light Song & Finale
Child of Tomorrow Concert - Michel Montecrossa