Save The Climate

The climate of love
is the climate that saves.
It’s the climate we need,
it is savin’ the earth.
‘Bout tomorrow we can’t say
if we will live or die,
but we live through relations,
we don’t live through lies.
We live through trust and healthy feelings.
The climate of love is never cheatin’.

The planet is livin’ through our atmosphere.
All the many beings are breathin’ one air.
The planet’s message you’ll find in the clouds and in
the rain and hear it in the calm, in the storm and in the hail.
We live through peace and power of truth.
We live through our planet, that’s what we do.

“Save the climate”, that’s what I say.
“Be the lovers of living earth.
Open your mind, open your heart,
see beyond your nose, don’t be so hard.
Our way is followin’ the way of the stars.
Our destiny is somewhere high above.”

“We must learn to live without war.
We must learn to give and to share,
be free to receive in the right way.
We have to be wide and ready to unite.
World-Union is the key for the future to be,
for workin’ together in the happy feel.”

“Save the climate of yourself.
Stay true to the call of your soul.
Save the climate of the earth.
Don’t do the wrong, do the best for all.
Our way is happy with the joy of all.
Intelligence is growin’ through respect for all.”

“Look at nature and you’ll find the clue.
Respect is wise, shows what to do.
Save the climate of me and you.
Don’t hide your love, don’t be a fool.
We live together, that’s the fact.
The climate of love is the next step.”

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany