Climate Generation Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert

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‘Climate Generation’ is Michel Montecrossa’s ninth consciousness-expanding cyberrock & slam poetry concert of his ‘Peace & Climate Change Concert Tour’ released by Mira Sound Germany as six CD-Box with 3 Audio-CDs and 3 DVDs presenting 32 grandiose Michel Montecrossa songs that hit the mark including the title song ‘Climate Generation’ and the breath-takin’ power-guitar & song version of ‘Cyberrocker Morfin’ U’.
Mirakali contributes power-songs like ‘Freedom’.

About ‘Climate Generation’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“Climate Generation is the youth-movement of the 21st century.
Born into the cynical and untruthful world of sell-out adults who don’t care about their children, Climate Generation quickly understands the hard way: ‘Don’t trust old people ’cause they have nothin’ to lose.’
Climate Generation is born on a planet with a changing climate both inner and outer. Values collapse. It’s either food or housing – or none of them. Volcanos erupting, earthquakes, cyclones, wars and crimes increasing, energy dwindling, prices rising, drinking water fading as does work, slums expanding as does hopelessness.
Climate Generation: another silicon valley loneliness, another industrialization madness, another army, another bomb, another level of cruelty or another level of Love and Change?”

The Songs, Disc One / Disc Four:

  1. Climate Generation
  2. Sun And Peace
  3. Green Girls
  4. Green Earth
  5. Sweet Earth
  6. Shall We Go To War Again?
  7. A Song
  8. Earth & Peace
  9. War Kills #2
  10. Freedom
  11. Water Is Life
  12. With Love We Fly

The Songs, Disc Two / Disc Five:

  1. Lovemakin’ Supertrip
  2. Dancedrive:: I Like It
  3. Heroes And Girls
  4. Cyberbeat
  5. Met You In Paradise
  6. Heroes Of Earth
  7. Vikingbride
  8. One With The World
  9. Vomit Of Your Soul
  10. Heaven & Hell

The Songs, Disc Three / Disc Six:

  1. Cyberrocker Morfin’ U (Keep Your Promise, Baby)
  2. Cyberpower Baby
  3. Powerdrive
  4. Cybergeneration
  5. Beyond The Nightsky
  6. Wake Up
  7. The Heart Of A Hero
  8. Sunray Revolution
  9. Happy Life Of Love
  10. Save The Climate
Climate Generation Concert - Michel Montecrossa