Cyberpower Baby

Cyberpower Baby, do it with me.
I will take you home to set you free.
Cyberpower Baby, do it for real.
I will take you home and it’s you and me.

Cyberpower Baby, juicy is the key.
Be sure and fast and I let you see.
Cyberpower Baby, there’s no time for taboos.
I will take you home and give you the proof.

Cyberpower Baby, it’s exciting and free.
I will turn you on and give you relief.
Cyberpower Baby, don’t listen to the fools.
I will take you home, there’s no need for schools.

Cyberpower Baby, do it with me
and then it is easy,
‘cause it’s you and me.
Now it’s time for action and satisfaction.
That is what it means, that is what it is.

Cyberpower Baby, give a nice treat.
You will be in heaven
when you climb on my tree.
Cyberpower Baby, juicy is your feel.
And I touch your honey as it should be.

The evening is young and fresh is the dawn
and we can do it all night long.
Yes, the stars are shining, music plays low.
I touch your very moment,
make you wet, of course.

Cyberpower Baby, it’s no TV-Show.
The pictures I give make you all aglow.
They give you all the feeling,
they show you all the meaning.

They are more than dreaming,
they are rockin’ and reelin’,
rockin’ and reelin’.
Cyberpower Baby, do it with me.
I will take you home to set you free,
set you free.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany