‘The Dance Of Life’ Climate Change Concert

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The ‘Dance Of Life’ Climate Change Concert, released by Mira Sound Germany as double Audio-CD and DVD is Michel Montecrossa’s seventh cyberrock and dance-electronica concert of the Happy Future and Climate Change Concert Tour 2010. Performed in the Omnidiet Hall Of Fame during the Mirapuri World Peace Festival the concert presents 34 cyberrock and dance songs including the title song ‘The Dance Of Life’, the joyest cyberrock ‘Boy & Girl’, the folky ‘Levels Of Reality’, the punky ‘Magic Universe’, the groovy ‘Cyberpower Baby’, the erotic-dance electronica ‘Cybermoon #2’ and the electro-acoustic ballad ‘You Are My Girl – You Are The One’. Mirakali contributes great songs like ‘Your World’.

Michel Montecrossa says:
“The dance of life is a positive and hopeful dance. It is the dance of evolution and of progress leading to a happy fulfillment. If we participate in this dance with peace and joy we will surely reach the goal of happy fulfillment.”

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. The Dance Of Life
  2. Your World
  3. Happy For You
  4. Sunpower
  5. Boy & Girl
  6. Sunsetgirl And Dreamhero
  7. Levels Of Reality (This Is All So Much In The Future)
  8. Life Is Beauty
  9. Change The World
  10. Feel The Fire Burning
  11. The Government Is Out #2
  12. Lovefire
  13. Magic Universe
  14. Glorious World Of Love
  15. In The Light Of Dawn
  16. Next Generation
  17. Dancedrive: I Like It
  18. Living Our Dream

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Dream Space
  2. Flashing Light
  3. Cyberpower Baby
  4. Met You In Paradise
  5. You Enchant Me
  6. Here I Am Again
  7. Enchanted Power
  8. The Happiness
  9. Sunship
  10. Honey For Honey
  11. Inside
  12. Name Of The Game
  13. Love’s Dreamworld
  14. Cybermoon #2
  15. All My Love For You
  16. You Are My Girl – You Are The One


The Dance Of Life Concert - Michel Montecrossa