Cybermoon #2

Cybermoon rising in a sunlit room,
it is charming, it is alarming, you know.

Cybermoon ready, nasty nookie.
Bad girl with sensitive toes.
Cybermoon ready and a hard one
of a real man truly strong.

Cybermoon rising in a sunlit room.
It is time for intensity feeling.

Cybermoon ready, drippin’ wet.
Bad Girl with her flashing sex.
There’s a man and the right reflex.

Cybermoon rising in a sunlit bed.
I’m enjoyin’ doin’ it cool with you.

Cybermoon ready, all up and loaded.
Bad Girl, juicy and warm for more.
Cybermoon ready for tomorrow.
Bad girl in love turns me on.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany