The Happiness

I look up into the sky:
The happiness I see, free is the light.
Can you change your position?
Can you see the happy light!

Volcano ash-cloud closes airports.
Flights cancelled, eruption intensifies:
Is it that what it needs to make you cry?
Listen to the earth, listen to the sky.

With my hands I feel the fresh, clear water.
The happiness I feel of the great mother.
Dying is your river: You show no gratitude.
But earth is our mother, she knows what to do.

What is the reason why you don’t do?
Aren’t you ready, don’t you know the clue!

The vision is there beyond the passing scenes.
There’s a feeling in the air of a mighty thing.
Is there someone who can save the world?
Change is stable, change is always there.

Green tomorrow gives passion, is true.
I make the move into the new.
Young, exuberant and unruly too
I am for the sake of me and you.

I’m the new rebellious generation-might.
The drive is there in the new bright light.
I celebrate humanity through happiness and love.
I hear the voice, I’m on the new road.

Love is there, is saving the world.
The truth is stable, changes the earth.

I look up into the sky.
The happiness I see is in your life.
I can change any position.
I can see the happy light.

On my skin I feel your fresh, clear breath.
The happiness I feel is always in the best.
The planet is there, we can live there.
The world is there for lovers, it’s good to dare.

What is the reason why you don’t do?
Aren’t you ready, not sure of the clue?
Love is with you, is saving the earth.
The truth is power that changes the world.

Childlike I touch your wonderbreast,
your heart is ready for the best.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany