Inside (by Mirakali)

Inside your dream where you can see the real,
crystal blue light, liberated energy bright.
Inside your heart where you can feel
all the love that carries you far into the future.

Inside your brain where live all the new ideas
dropping from heaven with a beautiful smile
of eternity circling around your dreams
with the hope to make all wonders real,
to bring infinity into your cells,
to touch the well of youth and immortality
that liberate our flame of love
into a life of endless blissfulness
where every touch is full of light
and every kiss a sea of tenderness.

Inside your dream where all your energy waits
to be liberated, to be active,
full of power for creative beauty,
progressive peace, conscious fulfillment.
Inside your heart where everything is warm,
kind and friendly, strong and true.

Inside your mystery where you understand everything,
you hold me so tight, embrace me warm.
I feel all your tenderness
and your heart strong
that sings so sweet, reaches my soul so deep.

I feel your happiness like never before
and with a smile we open the door
to fly again into the light of another sky,
bright and free like our sweet destiny
that leads us forward, always strong
with the energy of two souls who are one.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany