‘Global Message’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert

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The ‘Global Message’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert, released by Mira Sound Germany as double Audio-CD and DVD is Michel Montecrossa’s eighth message concert of the Courage & Love Climate Change Concert Tour 2009 presenting 29 songs, including the acoustic title song ‘Global Message’ and acoustic theme songs like ‘Hey, Hey… This Man Is O.K.’, ‘All The While’ and ‘United Nations Of The Earth’ as well as cyberrock theme songs like ‘Survivor In The City’, ‘Powerhouse Of Consciousness’, the touching ‘Planet Kid’ and the heartfelt ‘Child Of Our Days’ and ‘World Love Song’.
Mirakali contributes message songs like ‘Courage’.

About ‘Global Message’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“The global message is the message of union for the best of all.”

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. Global Message
  2. Hey, Hey… This Man Is O.K. #2
  3. Earth Story Song
  4. All The While #2
  5. United Nations Of The Earth
  6. The Place Of The Free
  7. Courage & Love
  8. Courage
  9. Survivor In The City
  10. Voices Of Gaia
  11. Solar Evolution & Suntomorrow
  12. World Energy
  13. Power In Your Heart
  14. Powerhouse Of Consciousness
  15. Inside

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Love & Peace Forever
  2. Wonders Of Earth
  3. Unity Is Cool
  4. Sunlight Dance (What Else Is There To Do?)
  5. Enchanting Fire
  6. Planet Kid
  7. Answers
  8. Earthdance
  9. Soul & Earth
  10. Golden Kiss Of Delight
  11. Child Of Our Days #2
  12. Paradiselight
  13. World Love Song
  14. Living On A Planet