Global Message

Come gather ‘round me people and a story I will tell
‘bout the day when too many saw the world at its end,
when too many turned away from the saving friend,
when too many did not listen and wanted to be dumb.

Come gather ‘round me people, the global message I will bring,
the message of hope for the times that are grim,
the message of kindness when war wants to win,
the message of union and peace I want to bring.

Listen all ye people all over the world:
the global message overcomes all despair,
it sings of world-union and not greed and hate,
it celebrates humanity on its way to a new age.

The world is changin‘: that we all know
and it‘s time to stand together for a new morn.
We can turn to the sunlight, we can save the earth.
The global message is a-tellin‘ of a consciousness great.

We don‘t have to steal and cheat and lie.
We don‘t have to kill, destroy the base of our life.
We can turn to the truth of all mankind,
reach out for the future with the vision wide.

Space-age is callin‘ for a united earth
with new energies and discoveries great.
Peace, my friend, is creative, makes all the world one.
Peace is the message, strong and unbound.

Division, I tell you, is not the way at all.
The United States of Planet Earth, you know,
are the highway leading to the bold goal
of saving life and its resources for the best of all,

of givin‘ to economy the push that knows
how to share in the way that‘s helpful to all:
the push that sees happiness as the real goal
and understands sharing to be the true gold.

The planet is rich and rich we are too
if only we want to know what is right to do.
Let‘s do it together with wisdom and skill:
the earth can be saved, if that‘s our will.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany