Courage & Love Climate Change Song Collection 2009

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‘Courage & Love Climate Change Song Collection 2009′ is the breathtakin’ 6 CD-Box presenting on 5 Audio-CDs and 1 DVD all 63 greatest hits from Michel Montecrossa’s landmark Courage & Love Climate Change Tour 2009, published in the ‘COURAGE & LOVE SONGLYRICS BOOK‘.
The CD-Box with 5 Audio-CDs and 1 DVD presents 63 Hit-songs from Michel Montecrossa’s landmark Courage & Love Climate Change Tour 2009 and two trailers of his ‘The House Of Time’ Courage & Love Climate Change Musical.
The 63 songs include the driving title song ‘Courage & Love’, great message songs like ‘Global Message’, ‘Green Tomorrow’, ‘Earth Story Song’ and ‘Living On A Planet’, ‘Let There Be Peace’ as well as touching love songs like ‘Courage Girl’, ‘Eatin’ And Drinking Together With You’ and ‘All Your Dreams’.

Michel Montecrossa says: “A song can be the conscience of the world. It can be the voice that rights what went wrong. Such a song is a true topical song. It is a song stirring emotions. It is the song remembered by generations. It is the song -telling the story that moves others to think. Such a song comes from the future and is as old as man’s time on earth. It is a broadside from the depth of a voice stirred by love, going beyond all anger, sorrow, disgust and contempt. It sings ‘Courage & Love’ in the streets and on data-highways. It is the song open to the vision that replaces law by freedom.”

‘Courage & Love’ is an epic masterpiece of songwriting by Michel Montecrossa, one of the 21st century’s greatest musician-artist.

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. Courage & Love
  2. Adults Are Idiots
  3. Life Without Walls (Your Friendly Home)
  4. Love Unites
  5. Global Message
  6. Life For All
  7. Love Revolution
  8. Space Age Drive
  9. Unity Is Cool
  10. Green Tomorrow
  11. Are You Gettin’ Ready?
  12. Check In – Take Off! (Be Part Of Your Own True Solution)

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Ways Of Change
  2. Peace For All
  3. Joy & Future
  4. Soul & Future
  5. Courage Girl
  6. Hey, Hey … This Man Is O.K.
  7. All The While #2
  8. Climate Change Will Never Ever Stop
  9. Eatin’ And Drinking Together With You
  10. Earth Story Song
  11. United Nations Of The Earth
  12. Space Age Rock Of Tomorrow
  13. Clarity
  14. Laughin’ & Lovin’ – Anyway You Life

The Song, Disc Three:

  1. Laughing
  2. Ecoworld & Cyberworld
  3. Wonder-Planet
  4. Mother Earth (Time Rider)
  5. Living On A Planet
  6. Life
  7. Sunlight Dance (What Else Is There To Do?)
  8. Good To Be A Child
  9. As Long As The Earth Works
  10. Forgiveness Heals
  11. Good Relations Save The Earth
  12. Let There Be Peace

The Songs, Disc Four:

  1. Electrifying Climate Girl (Where Inner And Outer Meet)
  2. World Future
  3. Odin’s Infinite
  4. Mighty Change #2
  5. Did The Good Times Come #2
  6. True Politics #2
  7. Talkin’ World Unity #2
  8. World Spirit
  9. Steppin’ In
  10. All Your Dreams
  11. The Woman
  12. I Knew You Before

The Songs, Disc Five:

  1. Feelin’ Good
  2. Life Knows No End
  3. The Day Is Comin’
  4. Here I Am Again
  5. Honey For Honey
  6. God Is A Girl #2
  7. Who Is The Future?
  8. Life’s Hopeful Prime
  9. In All There Is One Meaning
  10. Together
  11. Alternative Future
  12. Saving Message

Disc Six (Bonus DVD):

  1. The House Of Time’ Trailer & Special Trailer
Courage & Love Climate Change Song Collection 2009 - Michel Montecrossa