Life’s Hopeful Prime

Ecology, economy and true community
step up to the play and punch their way through.
Poverty and children and financial crash,
limits and the limitless and the way of the best.

Climate crash and eco-wars,
greed, sharing and the all.
The rebound-effects, the chaos-effects
bringin’ unification effects.

In whatever world we live,
it’s through Love it will live.
It’s life’s hopeful prime,
it’s life’s hopeful time.

It’s time for us to kiss and to feel the bliss.
The workin’ force is there, it’s time to stop all shit.
The United States of Earth is the step ahead,
the Truth is right and easy and no way back.

Politics and money, sex and crime,
trading of people, drugs and childporn,
trading of weapons and youngstas sent to war
serve the grim assault on our Human Soul.

In whatever world She lives,
it’s through Her that it will live.
She is life’s hopeful prime,
She is life’s hopeful sign.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany