Love Unites #1

Come gather ‘round me friends
and a story I will tell.
Can you love a politician
or the bloodhound from the bank?

Can you see through the mirror,
can you change yourself?
I can see her reflections
from the depth of my world‘s wishing-well.

Love unites in the darkness
things you can‘t overturn.
Love unites the preacher
with truth of inviting hell.

Love is the blood-flower
from the battlefields of hate.
Love is voluptuous power
no politics can hide or sell.

Love unites, is vulnerable
like a planet and its sky.
Love unites flesh and sensation.
Love is brutal, the offering kind.

Love sexual is too limited
if your love-action is not of the limitless kind.
Some of them people only want to be treated,
better it is to blow their mind.

I can see you from every angle:
your toes‘ angle, your nose‘s angle,
your hands‘ angle, your lips‘ angle,
your heart‘s angle, your soul‘s angle.

Your butt’s angle, your pussy’s angle,
your position’s angle, your anger’s angle.
The perverted angle and the poisoned angle:
the feast of birth is called the love-angle.

The innocence of pornography
is based on exploding photography
blowing photons into your brain.
Love unites with light all the names.

I have changed too much to see division.
In the flames of your body your soul is a vision
for a moment – and then you cry.
But I can hold you, touch you and then we fly.

Liberty is the beginning of life, you know,
is the precursor of birth and all
that assembles for the rally and the big show.
Love is devouring, creating all, you know.

You can fear what you want, but there’s no fear in love.
Love unites through the unexpected more.
How do you want to be the whole
if you never have measured the depth of the fall?

I‘m standing on the planet together with you.
We can have the answers, we can know the true.
Are you here to live, ready to do,
and be the love enacting it all?

Transparent you are, a silver cry
when you taste what you want and mightily try
to reach what you see through your vibrant nerves,
in the cells of your body find your wondrous birth.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany