‘Love Unites’ Cyberrocker & Climate Change Concert

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The ‘Love Unites’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert, released by Mira Sound Germany as double Audio-CD and DVD is Michel Montecrossa’s sixth concert of the Courage & Love Climate Change Concert Tour 2009 presenting 33 songs, including the celtic style title song ‘Love Unites’, the electro acoustic version of ‘Future Love Dance’ and the wild rock ‘n’ rollers ‘Keep On Lovin” and ‘Hot And Wet’.
Mirakali contributes new style love songs like ‘Fight For Your Love’.

About ‘Love Unites’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“Love unites, not war and hate.”

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. Love Unites
  2. Fight For Your Love
  3. For All Time To Come (Love Burnin’ Wild And Strong)
  4. Happy Life Of Love
  5. Future Love Dance
  6. Save The Climate
  7. Be A Lover
  8. Love Action
  9. Sensual Fantasy
  10. Loveworld
  11. Lovefire
  12. Keep On Lovin’
  13. Erotic Power
  14. Hot And Wet
  15. Friendly Lover

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Never Ever
  2. Passion
  3. Somebody Loves You
  4. With Love We Fly
  5. I’ll Take You
  6. Erotic Paradise
  7. New Love Year Girl
  8. Lovestar
  9. Little Bit Of Lovin’
  10. It’s You And Me
  11. My Country Girl
  12. Love Is Our Life
  13. Eternal Woman
  14. Truth, Courage And Honor
  15. Song From The Home Of Love
  16. Love, Love
  17. All My Love For You
  18. Lovesong
Love Unites Concert - Michel Montecrossa