Erotic Paradise (by Mirakali)

Erotic paradise, sexy your tongue on the skin
of a body full of heavenly sin.
Take a peek, take a spin, floor it.
See all the girls, young and beautiful.
This gonna blow your mind.
It‘ll blow you away. It‘s really mean.

This babies can do it. Do you have goosebumps?
Erotic Paradise! The gates are open wide.
Wet and ready, hot and sexy.
Don‘t slam on the brakes.
Push your luck and be the one.
‘I am true‘ said the hot lady at the corner.
All dressed in red, a woman not a snake.

‘Give me a large portion. I‘m really starving,‘
she whispers while her lips run over you.
‘You taste so sexy, you taste for more‘
she sings silent with enjoyment into your ear.

Erotic paradise and the world is on its way,
full of sexy angels that like to play with you,
all free in their fantasy, all free to feel the breath
blowing with lust, touching with bliss,
desire for more, flavor of a golden kiss,
splendid and laughing all the beauties you should not miss.

Erotic paradise and it‘s all humor.
Careless the senses feeling all sensuality.
Ready for the unexpected push into the next.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany