For All Time To Come (Love Burnin’ Wild And Young)

Come gather ‘round, people, I’ll sing you a song,
a song of love burnin’ wild and young,
a song of love yearnin’ wild and strong,
a song of deep love for all time to come.

You are the woman and I am the man.
Ourt hearts are burnin’ with the mighty flame.
We have the fire, are true and one.
Deep is our love for all time to come.

The game of life is hunger and greed.
You need a direction that won’t mislead.
The play of love will make you see.
We know the direction: it’s simple and sweet.

There’s a deep valley and a height to see.
There is much trouble if you have no belief.
We see them all, the liars and thieves.
There’s no law that can set you free.

Wild and young is the love of the strong.
It is the fire of love that turns on.
You are my woman and I am your man.
Together we are the joy without end.

Where we fix our gaze there is light that saves.
Lovers are mighty transformers of hate,
there’s no army stronger than that.
From chiefs of confusion: what can you expect?

Love burnin’ wild and young
is the solution, the world to come.
Love is the anthem, is future’s song:
a song of deep love for all time to come.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany