My Country Girl

You are my Country Girl.
You are my world.
You are my Country Girl.
You are my pearl.
The wind is blowin’ gently
and you have the tender hands:
the work is movin’ easy and you know to be a friend. You love the clear, cool water,
gave birth to beauty daughters.
You are the light of wonder, the secret of sweet summers.
Spring you are with flowers and the beauty of warm hours,
hours of trust and the greatness of true love.

You are the way of love, just like my soul.
You are the feeling warm and I’m your home.
There are things too great.
There are things too small.
The world is made of wonders and time is bringin’ all. You have the thousand keys to all the hidden doors.
Your being always looks into the worlds of hope: Your words are free, they come from the core.
Your thoughts are straight, just like your love.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany