Passion (by Mirakali)

Passion, fire, blaze, sky above us,
strong destiny, fulfilled in dreams,
ready to become free. You are one
who can take the leap from the summit
jumping like a tiger into the adventure
that no one ever dared to take.
Through heart we understand
that there is no difference.

Worlds of becoming,
here and in other dimensions, now and in another time
always in the midst of a storm of light
trying to move on, to crawl, to run, to fly.
And you have always been there
in many lives, born with fire.
Like a woman who knows how to give tenderness
you should know how to kindle the fire of passion.

Cosmic Reality inside your cells
reanimates your longings.
Cosmic breath flooding your brain with ecstatic light.

Refreshed by stimulating power
reacting your own desire for life.
Passion, fire, bliss, desire, earth with power
of becoming, changing, regaining all dreams
drowned in a sea of super feelings. Wow, what a mess
but it‘s great.
Reality is not more unreal than all the illusions
you create from day to day.

Whenever you meet a wise man
ask him for a drink and listen to his jokes.
Perhaps you will understand more when you laugh.
Perhaps you see the world as it is when your brain
is blown out
with electrifying drinks,
super ladies in your bed and a hard one for more.
As long as you can feel passion,
you know that you are still alive.

Life is a great test and most of the time a joke.
You better laugh before you loose your bones.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany