Joy & Future #2

Joy and future will carry us further.
No joy without future, only slum and murder.
We have a common future if together we stand.
Space age future is our best friend.

Joy and future are so near as is our heart.
You can understand all if you aren’t hard.
You give love a chance and will not fall
if you turn to the Highest and hear the call.

Your life is as good as is your goal
and the best goal is love for all.
The simple things are easy ’cause they are true,
they come back always ’cause they are the clue.

You innocence is there where you are new.
Every day is there to be perfectly nude.
It’s good to be a lover, it will save your soul,
the rest is vain illusion, will never give the gold.

Joy and future are cosmic and are bold.
Cosmic you must be to never grow old.
The wideness is near, nearer than all
that makes you narrow, stupid and false.

All these cruel people wanting to be cool
are so complicated that they cannot talk true.
For them the sun is only there at all
if it’s well hidden behind the dark wall.

I can see the sunshine and am full of joy,
that’s what I bring to you, I’m your happy boy.
We both are the music that will cheer all up.
We are something like the happiness of god.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany