I Knew You Before

I knew you before we met here on earth.
I knew you before we entered the world
of unfolding life and hope and yearning,
of the adventure of love and joy,
of seeing and feeling the One
in this world of the many.

I knew you before we met each other
in the midst of a storm of change and wonder
that crossed our roads and lit our hearts
with the flame of freedom and the sun of love
to stand together in whatever will come
in this world of the many in the One.

I took your hand when the moment was dawning
fresh with surprise and young with the feeling
that knows the delight of open tomorrows
and mornings of seeing born from true love.
I led you far into the mystic garden
of the world from where I come.

Deep is the look of the Eternal Mother
with the smile of the child reborn in us.
No mad desire can equal our soul’s longing
for oneness satisfying.
The wrong is imploding like nothing
when ecstasy is carryin’ us home.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany