The Place Of The Free

You may travel far, far from your own native home,
far away over the mountains, far away over the foam.
But of all the fine places that you have ever seen
there’s none to compare with the place of the free.

Mirapuri is the place, fine sights you will see there,
you’ll see high rocky mountains and bright sunlight’s glare,
meadows with flowers of love can be seen
where they play: the happy and free.

It’s a great place to be on a fine summer’s day,
and to see the wild flowers that never decay,
the girls and strong men, laughin’ they sing
building homes for their children in the place of the free.

Fare thee well to the past, fare thee well for all time.
Welcome to the people that don’t want to be blind
to the stream of becoming and to the dreams so sweet
of a future strong in the place of the free.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany