Lovemakin’ Supertrip

Hey everybody, let’s have some fun!
Now is the time to turn on!
Now is the time to do it strong!
Now is the time to do it young!

Now is the time for fantastic fun!
Now is the time for everyone!

Lovemakin’ Supertrip, Lovemakin’ Superkick.
Lovemakin’ Supertrip, Lovemakin’ Superkiss.
Lovemakin’ for you, Lovemakin’ with you.
Lovemakin’ is cool, Lovemakin’ is true.

Lovemakin’ brings the feel, it is really real.
Lovemakin’ is the masterart, is givin’ you the start.

The electrons sing with the consciousness-stream.
Enjoyment is there for makin’ brain cells see.
Erotic is the action that makes you wide and free.

Every region of my body is laughing with your touch.
Everything I see or do is coming from the heart.
It is paradise reborn, it is the song of the new morn.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany