Wow! Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Oktoberfest Dance Party 2022’ with 17 Power Dance Hits as Download and Audio-CD

Oktoberfest Dance Party 2022
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‘Oktoberfest Dance Party 2022’ released by Mira Sound Germany presents Michel Montecrossa with a magnificent fire-work of seventeen international power dance hits for all lovers of the famous Oktoberfest in Munich.
‘Oktoberfest Dance Party 2022’ features 17 Michel Montecrossa happy sing-along songs like ‘Oktoberfest Lied’, ‘Wild West Honey’ and ‘Met You In Paradise’ as well as drivin’ ecstasy songs like ‘Lovemakin’ Supertrip’, ‘Cyberhandy Baby’, ‘Cyberbeat’ and ‘Discomania’, dance-floor hits like ‘Our Dream’, ‘Reality Rocker & Cyberreal’, ‘Girly Hip Hip’, ‘Cyberthingies’ and ‘Deep Space Baby’, romantic tunes like ‘Peace Is Good For Love’, ‘Sunmessage’, and ‘Balliamo Tutta La Notte’ or ‘Lovemakin’ Waltz’ and Bob Dylan’s ‘Waiting For You’.
‘Oktoberfest Dance Party 2022’ is Michel Montecrossa’s great cyberbeat love parade for all who like to sing and dance and be together.

The Songs:

  1. Oktoberfest Lied
  2. Wild West Honey
  3. Our Dream
  4. Lovemakin’ Supertrip
  5. Girly Hip Hip
  6. Met You In Paradise
  7. Cyberhandy Baby
  8. Reality Rocker & Cyberreal
  9. Cyberthingies
  10. Cyberbeat
  11. Balliamo Tutta La Notte
  12. Lovemakin’ Waltz
  13. Waiting For You (Lyrics & Music: Bob Dylan)
  14. Deep Space Baby
  15. Discomania
  16. Peace Is Good For Love
  17. Sunmessage
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