Deep Space Baby

Deep Space Baby, dreamlike lady.
Golden light shines in your mind.
Deep Space Baby, Starworld Lady.
The wideness of the cosmic kind.

Open and honest, fire in the cave.
Deep Space Baby, the better way.
First look at her and then update your vision.
Deep Space Baby, feelin’ great.

Deep Space Baby, this is my first time with you.
Sure it isn’t my last.
Deep Space Baby, I give you my advance
and satisfy you any way you want.

Are you a member of the Scorpio King?
Are you that nano-enhanced sexy dream?
Are you removing the evil hand?
Are you that railgun-fighter friend?

Deep Space Baby, action-mission.
Gorillas shakin’ the bars of their cage.
Deep Space Baby, havin’ her ticket punched.
Nobody knew what’s a-goin’ on.

Leaving herself naked from the waist up.
Deep Space Baby, enraptured lovecat.
Laughing with her legs around my back.
No catholic approach, what a great look!

Deep Space Baby is makin’ you drink,
givin’ as good as she gets.
Deep Space Baby is pullin’ it in,
knows how to do it, knows everything.

Deep Space Baby makes you feel better.
She says: “Check up and go!”

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany