Vikingbride! You are my queen of life!
Vikingbride! You are the giver of might!
Vikingbride! Woman of delight!
Vikingbride! From worlds of light!

Holding the tablets of truth and beauty
you are the proud destroyer of hatred.
You are the daughter of future young.
Pleasure you are, godlike and warm.

The child you shelter in your arms,
born from the Viking’s passion strong.
It’s written by mysterious time:
the epic of love, blissful, divine.

Giving real blood to hero-dreams
you are the island, the magnificent gleam
of omens good that release the soul
into the splendors of fulfillment’s call.

A shower of flowers follows your feet.
Smooth and thrillin’ are your tender hips,
true and strong the words you speak,
a breeze of summer your kisses sweet.

How much he adores your perfect love,
your kind understanding and mercy for all.
From your heart is born the guidance calm,
in your heart he finds the Eternal’s home.

Friends and warriors of the glorious king,
with joy and wonder of his bride I sing!
Look how grace flows enchanting from her!
Listen to the charm of her melodies fair!

Her body is bright with the inner light,
evoking sensations that lead to the height
where emotions are springs of paradise
leading to wisdom and power wide.

Nothing can be compared to her smile:
it is perfectly giving revelation’s might.
And when she looks into your eyes
you are drowned in her love’s open sky.

Can I say more? Can sound describe
the loveliness of the naked bride,
the magic of her youthful charm,
the wonder of her womb, his home?

Vikingbride! Queen of life!
Vikingbride! Giver of might!
Vikingbride! Girl of delight!
Vikingbride! World of light!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany