War Kills Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert

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‘War Kills’ is Michel Montecrossa’s fourth great cyberrock & slam poetry concert of his ‘Peace & Climate Change Concert Tour’ released by Mira Sound Germany on double Audio-CD and double DVD presenting 35 Michel Montecrossa super songs that make you listen. Included are stunning topical songs like ‘War Kills’, ’18 Years’, ‘Will I Ever See You Again?’, ‘As The Battle Came To An End’, the band version of ‘War Is Hell’, the german killersong ‘Das Weite’, and blockbusters like ‘The King Is Comin”, ‘Rebellion’, ‘Trouble Double Rocker’ and ‘Fuck The Brainwash’.
Mirakali contributes powerful songs like ‘Wanna Survive?’.

About ‘War Kills’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“A song can be the conscience of the world. It can be the voice that rights what went wrong. Such a song is a true topical song. It is a song stirring emotions. It is the song remembered by generations. It is the song telling the story that moves others to think. Such a song comes from the future and is as old as man’s time on earth.
It is a broadside from the depth of a voice stirred by love, going beyond all anger, sorrow, disgust and contempt. It sings ‘War Kills’ in the streets and on data-highways.
It is the song open to the vision that replaces law by freedom.”

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. War Kills #1
  2. 18 Years
  3. Will I Ever See You Again?
  4. Earth & Peace
  5. As The Battle Came To An End
  6. A Song
  7. War Is Hell
  8. Never Too Late
  9. Friedens Rock
  10. 700’000
  11. Das Weite
  12. Break Out
  13. The King Is Comin’
  14. Wargames
  15. The Eye Of Odin
  16. Wanna Survive?
  17. Vikingblood
  18. Wild Hearts
  19. The Dragon Sea

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Vikingbride
  2. Sun And Earth
  3. Some Sweetness
  4. Powerdrive
  5. Rebellion
  6. Infected
  7. Boom, Boom – Bang, Bang
  8. All Your Power
  9. Trouble Double Rocker
  10. Urbanlife
  11. Fuck The Brainwash
  12. Somewhere In This Universe
  13. Change Of Consciousness
  14. Power Of Grace
  15. Glory Of The Inner Ring
  16. Freedomfire Burnin’