The Eye Of Odin #2

“When apocalypse is nearin’ new visions must come
of truth complete, of strength and the Mighty One.”

The eye of Odin into the wideness shines.
There is beauty and power of hero delight.
The men are strong and the women young
with the might of becoming, the birth of dawn.

The fire gigantic into the ether burns
the wall of flames of infinity’s end.
“The message of light and truth can be heard
of harmony building the Future Earth.”

The marriage is great and strong is the song.
Perfect are the runes of the Immortal One.
Endzeit tells of throe of travail.
The eye of Odin dwells in the center of the brain,

where girls of the dance and the snake of time
are building worlds ‘neath the rainbow sign.
A throne of the unseen is the golden sky.
The eye of Odin reveals naked light.

Ragnarock is yellin’ with the thunder of might.
The eye of Odin burns truth into your life.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany