Punk Kid #2

I’m there in this place
where mountains fade into eternity,
where children reflect the image of time,

where beauty gives the secret sign,
where I hear the bird and the song of grace,
where I touch the water with the silent cry.

I’m a-with you, I’m wise enough
to fire the guns before gettin’ lost, gettin’ lost.

I’m a-seein’ you hidin’ in the wind.
I follow you there, makin’ you feel
all of my body, caress you sweet

with kisses wet on your soft skin.
I catch the sunrays of your laughin’ dreams.
No wonder that lovers know how to win.

I’m a-with you, I’m not changin’ sides.
Don’t play with me.
You are gettin’ lost, gettin’ lost.

Too many laws and streets that don’t change.
Girly business and self-esteem.
Lost in the cause I stay where it is.

I got it cash! Use it! Let’s drift!
Take me! Cool it! War’s a-goin’ on!
My territory is you and you are young.

I’m a-with you, it’s fire and lust.
You are the Punk Kid.
You aren’t gettin’ lost, gettin’ lost.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany