Planet Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert

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‘Planet’ is Michel Montecrossa’s 30th Peace & Climate Change concert presenting new ways of looking at the question of human civilization in transit. Released by Mira Sound Germany as six CD-Box with three Audio-CDs and three DVDs the production presents 38 great Michel Montecrossa songs including the title song ‘Planet’, the electric version of ‘New President’ and ‘Russia And America Rock’.
Mirakali contributes message songs like ‘Earth Goddess’.

About ‘Planet’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“The demons that ride humanity are like volcanos erupting, like waves surging, like thunderstorms growling, like cyclones howling, like fire screaming, like earthquakes rumbling, like sunrays burning, like ice melting, like oceans and rivers rising, like deserts expanding, like global warming, like ice-age coming, like climate changing, like air mutating, like water fading – the brain echoes of the planet’s language, the call of evolution, the drive of consciousness growing.
From within or from without: It’s the way of change. Listen to the planet, listen to the soul, understand destiny and know what to do.”

The Songs, Disc One / Disc Four:

  1. Planet
  2. Earth Goddess
  3. New President #2
  4. Don’t Kill
  5. Russia And America Rock
  6. Your World
  7. Orbit Rocker
  8. Futuredrive
  9. Cosmic Action
  10. Dreaming World
  11. Climate Generation
  12. With Love We Fly

The Songs, Disc Two / Disc Five:

  1. Let’s Be Together And Care For Love
  2. Mysterious Earth
  3. Next Generation
  4. Demonhunter
  5. Cosmic People Rock
  6. Cosmic Fantasy
  7. Powers Of The Sun
  8. Poweraction
  9. Solar Evolution & Suntomorrow
  10. Dream And Magic
  11. Sun And Peace
  12. Freedom Dance

The Songs, Disc Three / Disc Six:

  1. Light Energy
  2. Flaming Soul
  3. Wonder-Planet
  4. Seductive Planet
  5. Vision
  6. Sturm
  7. Another World
  8. Planetdream
  9. Water Is Life
  10. Mysterious Warrior
  11. Let There Be Peace
  12. Cosmic Energy
  13. Peace And Light Song
  14. Earth Mystery Song
Planet Concert - Michel Montecrossa